Life: something beyond imagination 

If​ you consider life as a test that has to

 be passed or dealed with , you will end

 up pressurizing yourself 

unnecessarily. Life is all about doing 

right things, right hard-howorking, at 

right time . Expecting something after 

the suitable time is gone or imagining 

something before the proper time is 

arrived , are both useless. You just 

have to be alert. “ Luck means nothing 

but how alert you are to opportunities

 and how open you are to taking 

                    challenges “ 🙂


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  1. aruna3 says:

    Lovely poem n tell d truth.

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      1. aruna3 says:

        Welcome dear!!

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  2. meloheart says:

    A beautiful poem. Thanks for the follow

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  3. ✔💯
    Luck is nothing. I mean it.

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    1. Yes. Hard work is essential.


      1. Hahaha 😅 Took my word outta my mouth.
        Luck can be earned by Hard Work.

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  4. Beparvah !! says:

    Very nice way to put across the allegory of cave !!

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      1. Beparvah !! says:

        Keep writing…
        God bless!

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      2. Thank you so much 😃


      3. Beparvah !! says:

        You’re welcome
        Stay safe and keep smiling ..! 😊

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      4. Beparvah !! says:

        😊 thank you !

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